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 Kairra aka Taz

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Age : 37
Location : Yorkshire, UK
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PostSubject: Kairra aka Taz   Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:14 pm

Ooooo where do I start...

Well, on the personal side I'm (currently) 26, live in Yorkshire with Loneknight and our 4 cats and work for HBOS as a program developer. I proudly (jointly) own a Yamaha DragStar XVS 650, which is a new addition to the family (lol, i typoed there on 'addition' and put 'addiction' instead - funny because it's becoming an addiction!). I'm a REAL girl, and I only play female Rogue characters - previously I had never had an alt, but have been pursuaded to in this game, however I prefer to spend most of my time on my original character.

Games wise I'd played fantasy games on pcs for years (Baldur's Gate, D&D, MorrowWind etc), and was bought Everquest2 by an ex boyfriend, who thought it was a normal pc game. We decided to test it out and so that because my very first online game. I started playing EQ2 on Splitpaw server just after it was first released, then moved to Kithicor around 3 years later. I stopped playing when Conan was released as I got too involved lol. I also played Vanguard for a year around 6 months after it got released but the lack of community there led me to give it up - you can't play an MMORPG without the other people in the game to group with!

Personality wise I'm a pretty open person, I can talk about anything seriously and I can take a joke. I DON'T take games seriously - it's a game after all, I pay to enjoy myself, not to be told when and how I have to play. I tend to have a lot on after work so it's touch and go whether I have the energy to game after doing the things i needed to do in the evenings. I'd like to say I'm a laid back, relaxed person but I can get pretty stressed about stupid things - in terms of attitude I'd say I'm laid back, but I suppose I can come across a bit narky sometimes. You have been warned!

I like to laugh and have a joke, so if you want to get to know me then crack a joke Very Happy The dirty ones are always the best Very Happy

SO yeah, that's me. Fun....

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Kairra aka Taz
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